I want to transfer from another local. Or Dual card. Or Reinstate. Why do I need to be on the Overflow List?

We wanted to streamline the process of becoming a member for everyone. Having a single path to membership goes a long way toward making the process easier for everyone involved.

Therefore, anyone who is not a current member will need to go through the overflow registration process and take the required classes. For people who are transferring or dual carding, the Overflow List is simply a temporary landing spot until we receive all of the required paperwork to complete their joining process. Often, this is only a few days.

How will I find out about jobs on productions?

If a production needs more crew than can be filled by union members, the Local will send an email blast to everyone on the Overflow list, notifying them of the job opportunity. If you are available to take that job, you should reply to the job blast as instructed, and your information will be forwarded on to the production for consideration.

More specific information about productions is available only to Local 480 members.

Once you are a member of Local 480, you will be able to see the list of productions currently hiring, along with contact information for the productions. You will also receive any job blasts requested by productions (and will have your information forwarded on to productions if you are available to fill a call), and will have access to the jobs board listing of jobs available. All productions are given access to the roster of active 480 members as well.


Can I stop being a member?

Taking an Honorable Withdrawal from the Local is an option for putting your membership on hold. While you are withdrawn, you agree not to work in a contract position in our jurisdiction. Should you wish to reinstate your membership, you will be responsible for up to eight quarters of back dues and must provide two current letters of recommendation and a valid New Mexico drivers license. In order to qualify for an Honorable Withdrawal, you must be current on all quarterly dues, work dues, and any other outstanding financial obligations to the Local (you do not pay membership dues for the quarter in which you withdraw).

Can I use volunteer days to get into the Local?

Yes you can, though you might make more contacts while working on set.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • volunteering for 12 hours = 1 day
  • 1.5 volunteer days = 1 union day

So, if you worked 45 volunteer days, it would equal 30 union days and you would be granted an application to join.

All volunteer days must be coordinated through the Outreach Coordinator, who can be reached at outreach@iatselocal480.com.