Member Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Local 480 Members

Please make sure you understand the responsibilities you will be expected to uphold as a member of Local 480 because these are not matters to be taken lightly.

Getting Hired: The responsibility for getting yourself hired is totally your own. Joining Local 480 is not necessarily a path to employment because Local 480 does not find you work or get you hired. The Local will do everything within its power to attempt to get union members hired first, but our actual responsibility is to protect members while they’re working.

Contact Info: Members are required to keep their contact information current on the website.

Quarterly Dues: Members pay a fee of $75.00 per quarter ($300.00/year). These dues apply regardless of your employment status and won’t be withheld from your paycheck.

Work Dues (“Four Percents”): When working in one of Local 480’s crafts on a production that has signed a contract with the union, you’ll owe Local 480 4% of your gross wages. These work dues might be withheld from your paycheck (because you signed a form giving permission to do so), but you are ultimately responsible for making sure your work dues get paid in a timely manner.

Lifetime Membership: Once you join an IATSE local, you are considered a member of the IATSE International for life. You may take an Honorable Withdrawal, which effectively puts a freeze on your membership. If you just stop paying dues, you will likely be expelled. And if you ever wish to return to any IATSE Local, you’ll owe back dues to the local and the International. Members seeking reinstatement after Honorably Withdrawing are only required to pay a maximum of up to 8 quarters of back-dues. Expelled members will be required to pay all back-dues for the period they were inactive, plus the amount they owed when they were expelled. Info on Honorable Withdrawals.

E-Mail: The union requires that members keep a valid e-mail address on file. By joining the union, you are giving Local 480 explicit permission to send e-mail to the addresses you provide. Members without an e-mail address on file will be charged a fee to receive snail-mail mailings from the union. Without a valid e-mail address, you may miss out on important communication from the Local, including job openings.

Volunteer Hours: New members must complete 8 hours of 480-sanctioned community service as a part of their Initiation Fee. If these are not completed within 2 years of joining the Local, your account will be billed for 8 hours at a Journeyman rate. Volunteer opportunities are abundant and will be made known to members as they occur. You may also volunteer in your community and use those hours to fulfill your obligation as long as you have prior approval to do so.

Finding Work: Members find their own work. Local 480 does not find jobs for members.

Be A Good Union Brother/Sister: Read more about this