Overflow Responsibilities

Although people on the Overflow List are not union members, they still have some responsibilities which show the Local that they intend to be hard-working team players.

  • You understand that a person on the Overflow List is not a Union member.
  • You understand that it’s your own responsibility to keep your contact and other information up-to-date with the Local 480 office.
  • You understand that the Local has a duty to its members to make efforts to get them hired first.
  • You understand that being on the Overflow List does not automatically get you hired and that Overflow work is often short and sporadic.
  • You understand that when you are working under the Union Contract, you’re responsible for paying 4% work dues, which may or may not come out of your paycheck. Better double-check! You’re responsible for paying these owed dues if they don’t.
  • You understand that you are not a member of Local 480 until you fill out an application and return it with the $600 Initiation Fee.
  • You understand that, while anyone can work in any craft into which they are able to get hired, individuals on the Overflow List may only specify one craft on their 480 profile.